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Accelerating Incubation @ WGU

We just completed a year partnering with Matthew Sanders and his Western Governors University Corporate Development team to accelerate their incubation efforts.

It was a year of carefully defining new ventures and critical assumptions, of quantifying core team and key stakeholder confidence that those assumptions will prove true, and then more intelligently “testing and learning” to determine the optimal outcome for each venture.

We worked with Matt and his team across 4 separate initiatives, articulated more than 50 innovation assumptions and captured more than 120 stakeholder confidence data points. These collected efforts led to more efficient, transparent, data-driven decision-making within WGU.

We started Derisk to help innovation leaders make better, faster decisions. It’s really rewarding to see how our approach and our platform actually makes this happen. Our collaboration helped Matt and his team increase speed to insight, stakeholder alignment and path forward decisions. We’re also trying to intelligently “test and learn” ourselves and we’re very grateful to Matt and to our other partners for the valuable insights emerging from our collaborations.

Corporate innovators cannot succeed if they don’t thoughtfully bring their key stakeholder colleagues along for the journey. Innovation should not be consensus-driven, but it must be collaborative. And that commitment to collaboration must start at the top and with thoughtful, progressive, caring leaders like Matt.

Many thanks to Matt and his team. Here’s to a great year ahead!

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