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Are You Clearing Innovation Roadblocks? Or Creating Them?

These days, it’s rare to come across a leader who says “Innovation isn’t important.” Organizations know that they have to innovate to survive, and leaders are getting better and better at saying the right things: “We can’t be afraid to fail fast.” “It should always be Day One.” “We need to keep asking questions.”

But just because companies and leaders know (and say) that innovation is important doesn’t mean that innovation is actually happening.

There are a lot of roadblocks to innovation including internal politics, company culture and organizational priorities. And it’s the responsibility of leaders to tackle those roadblocks head-on and work to create an environment dedicated to building new and different things.

One of the biggest problems is when advocacy isn’t backed up by action. If leaders and managers say they’ll remove roadblocks and then they fail to do anything or, worse, do the opposite, it’s impossible to make progress. Key stakeholder accountability for follow-through is critical.

Derisk is helping teams achieve transparency, hold leaders — and each other — accountable and ensure that innovation is actually making progress. By measuring, recording, and sharing stakeholder confidence in initiatives, Derisk enables innovation teams to see who in the organization is truly bought-in, who isn’t, and why. This helps remove those pesky roadblocks. It makes it more challenging for leaders to backtrack on their promises. It identifies individuals who are willing to move an initiative forward. It uncovers hidden insights and opinions. And it helps to ensure that innovation isn’t just talked about — it actually happens.

At Derisk, we are a team of corporate innovators building digital, data-driven, stakeholder management solutions for corporate innovators. We know how important stakeholder management is to your success. We want to help you get it done better and faster, so you can focus on building the future.

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