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Corporate Innovators’ Biggest Challenge? Stakeholder Management

The future. It’s exciting. It’s full of possibilities. It’s why you became an innovator. You love working with other creative, pioneering people on the toughest, coolest problems. Together, you are seeing the future and making it real.

But before your innovations actually launch, you have to get internal stakeholders on-board and aligned. And this important and necessary work often takes more time — and is a lot more frustrating — than the innovating itself.

Think about some of what’s involved in typical stakeholder management: lots of pre-meetings before the meeting, huge amounts of time preparing and iterating decks, mountains of verbal qualitative feedback with no way to memorialize it, and stakeholders who — after all of that — change their minds with no warning or transparency. These are just a few of the challenges!

We have come to accept all of this as the standard way of doing things, but why should it be? After all, we demand digitization, streamlining, and quantification in many other parts of our work. Why not stakeholder management, too?

At Derisk, we are a team of corporate innovators building digital, data-driven, stakeholder management solutions for corporate innovators. We know how important stakeholder management is to your success. We want to help you get it done better and faster, so you can focus on building the future.

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