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We are Derisk

We know that the need for corporate innovation, renewal, and transformation (pick your favorite buzzword) has never been greater (see: all the reasons you know already). But it remains as challenging as ever. We’ve all read the books and articles and seen the data — it’s incredibly hard for corporations to lead, much less survive, in the long run. But we believe corporations should have every right to win against disruptive startups.

If you’re among those brave enough to be change agents, we applaud you. We’re sure you’re using the most innovative, sophisticated methodologies, techniques and tools (pick your favorites: digital transformation, human-centered design, lean startup, machine learning, A.I., etc.) available to you.

But in the one area where you are truly and meaningfully disadvantaged against disruptive startups, you are not. You do everything you can to make data-driven decisions about your external customers. But you don’t make data-driven decisions about your internal customers — your key stakeholders.

This puts you at a huge disadvantage compared to those pesky startups. At Derisk, our mission is to make corporations thrive by helping their pioneering leaders navigate and improve the complex internal decision-making that enables, or stands in the way of, long-term success.

Imagine you could measure and analyze your internal customers with the same sophistication you do your external customers. Our platform helps you uncover the data and insights you need to drive more honest, transparent, efficient, and effective key stakeholder conversations and decisions.

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