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When The Senior Leader is in the Room...

Before your innovations actually launch, internal stakeholders are your customers. They hold the key to continued funding and support.

But if you aren’t hearing what they really think, you can’t address their concerns, enlist their support, or quickly pivot to something else. In short, you can’t make better, faster innovation decisions without an accurate sense of stakeholders’ opinions.

The challenge is, stakeholders aren’t always transparent. Not because they are bad people. But because they are busy, lack confidence in their opinions, fear how someone will react to their feedback, or a million other reasons. Maybe they do share what they are thinking, but their voices just don’t rise above the din. Regardless, it’s critical for you to find a way to get fast, accurate, transparent, consistent feedback from your key stakeholders.

Corporate innovators have countless tools and techniques for measuring the opinions of external customers. But they lack anything of comparable sophistication for assessing internal customer (stakeholder) sentiment.

At Derisk, we are building digital, data-driven, stakeholder management solutions because we believe in corporate innovation and think stakeholder management is what’s holding it back.

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