You Can't Hire Trust...

You can’t hire trust. At least not from CoFoundersLab, FounderDating, Upwork, and the like.

I recently reached the point with Derisk where I realized that I can’t go it alone anymore. There are too many questions to answer, opportunities to pursue, and tasks to complete — many of which require skills I don’t have. But when I started searching for that first person to join me, I knew that the “dating founders” route wasn’t going to work.

Yes, I needed to find people with specific skills. But, at this stage, they really need to be “roll up the sleeves” thought-partners who could start owning parts of the business. I figured out quickly that “good enough” skills would be fine, but great intangibles would be critical. When the team is two or three people, you’ve got to really want to work together…

...and when you’re doing the lean startup thing, you don’t have time to “date” for a while. Intangibles are really important, but they take time to develop and figure out. If someone puts “great at earning trust,” or “great at getting along with people” on their CV, I’m not sure that’s a good sign.

So I started with people I know, trust, and want to work with all day (and night, if needed). The other stuff? I know we can find that online.